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Spicy Sesame Podi

Spicy Sesame Podi

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Dive into the authentic flavors of rural Andhra with our Spicy Sesame Chutney Powder. Crafted using only the finest, naturally grown and locally sourced sesame seeds, this Podi (chutney powder) blends traditional spices to deliver a truly robust and fiery flavor profile. It is a testament to time-honored cooking methods, bringing the rich culinary heritage of Andhra right to your kitchen. 

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Handmade with naturally grown and locally sourced Ingredients

• Sesame: Provides a hint of nuttiness and contributes to the powder's crunchy texture.
• Jeera (Cumin): Ground to bring out its distinct, earthy aroma.
• Salt: Carefully measured to balance and enhance the flavors of the podi.
• Garlic: Crushed to infuse a sharp, pungent essence.
• Red Chilli Powder: Ground from selected red chillies for a bold, spicy kick.


Rich in Minerals: Contains essential minerals like manganese, calcium, magnesium, phosphorus, iron, and zinc.
Health Benefits: Supports the nervous system and promotes healthy blood and bone health.
Pure and Natural: Free from artificial sweeteners or preservatives, ensuring the natural quality of ingredients.


Creative Recipe Ideas

Podi Rice: Mix with steamed rice and sesame oil.
Podi Dosa: Sprinkle on dosa before flipping.
Vegetable Stir-Fry: Toss vegetables with podi.
Roasted Nuts: Coat nuts with podi and roast.