About us

GRAAMAM® is an acronym for GRAAMeena Aarthika Mandali (Rural Economic Zone), and is an initiative of ProtoVillage. We are living in times when Good food, Good education, Good lifestyle, in fact Good “anything” is labelled as an alternative. Graamam® represents the commitment to mainstream goodness! Graamam® is a growing producer network of rural women and men, young and old determined to make their familes and communities resilient, by bringing health and happiness to your doorstep!

Here's a completely village-made video on Graamam®:

Graamam® is the answer to our quest to design a rural economic system that primarily aims to cause happy communities and healthy ecological systems, and as a consequence brings prosperity to all those that participate in it!! In other words, an economic system that incentivises us to invest ourselves in what really makes our life possible and worth living!

ProtoVillage is the prototype of a “Resilient” rural community built for the villagers,
by the villagers. It is a space for systemic solutions for rural resilience to be iteratively co-created, diligently practiced, comprehensively demonstrated, and openly shared!

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Commitment, active patience, a worthy goal and the willingness to keep our heads low and mind our next step, not giving into the temptations of the instant gratification metrics... And a once barren land turns abundant! These are pics of ProtoVillage in 2017 and 2021!!