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Spicy Moringa Podi

Spicy Moringa Podi

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Unleash the nutritional powerhouse of Moringa with our Spicy Moringa Chutney Powder, designed to bring the vibrant flavors of Andhra right to your kitchen. This chutney powder combines the superfood benefits of naturally grown, locally sourced Moringa leaves with a robust blend of traditional spices, offering a delicious and healthful twist to everyday meals.

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Handmade with naturally grown and locally sourced Ingredients.

• Dals and Spices: Chana dal and urad dal create a nutty foundation, with added warmth from jeera (cumin) and pungency from garlic.
• Sweet and Tangy: Balances jaggery's sweetness with the tang of tamarind.
• Chili and Coriander: Brings heat with chili and freshness with coriander.
• Sesame: Adds a crunchy, nutty texture.


Superfood Qualities: Moringa leaves exceed oranges in vitamin C and bananas in potassium.
Nutritional Support: Rich in calcium, protein, iron, and amino acids for strong bones and muscle health.
Natural and Pure: Contains no artificial sweeteners or preservatives for a clean, natural taste.


Creative Recipe Ideas

Moringa Podi Rice: Combine with steamed rice and a splash of ghee for a nutritious meal.
Podi Paratha: Sprinkle inside parathas before cooking for a flavorful twist.
Vegetable Garnish: Dust over cooked vegetables for extra flavor and nutrients.
Yogurt Dip: Mix with plain yogurt to create a healthy, spicy dip.