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Millet Crispies - Garlic

Millet Crispies - Garlic

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Enjoy the wholesome combination of bajra, nuts, and seeds, enhanced with the rich aroma of garlic in our Garlic Crispies. Crafted with locally-sourced and naturally-grown ingredients, these crispies are meticulously hand-processed and pan-roasted to perfection. Relish these crispies without any guilt, as they are free from oil, artificial sweeteners, and preservatives. Enjoy a healthier way to snack.

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Garlic Crispies are made with a nutritious blend of bajra flour and Chiroti rava for fiber, protein-rich groundnuts, onions, and green chilies for zest. Moringa leaf powder adds vitamins, while sesame seeds and dry coconut contribute calcium and sweetness. Seasoned with garlic, ginger, salt, red chili flakes, coriander, and jeera, each bite delivers robust flavor and health benefits.

Who Choose Graamam?

Garlic and ginger: Known for their anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties, supporting digestion and boosting immune function.
Moringa leaf powder: Packed with essential nutrients like vitamin C, potassium, calcium, iron, and amino acids, boosting immune function and aiding muscle recovery.
Bajra flour: Rich in fiber and nutrients, providing sustained energy and promoting digestive health.
Groundnuts: High in protein and healthy fats, supporting muscle growth and providing a feeling of fullness.
Sesame seeds: Rich in healthy fats, vitamins, and minerals, promoting heart health and improving overall well-being.


Creative Recipe Ideas

With Poha: Mix them into poha (flattened rice) just before serving to add a crunchy texture that complements the soft rice flakes.
Avocado Toast: Crush and sprinkle over avocado toast to add a crunchy texture and enhance the dish’s flavor profile.
Raita Mix-In: Stir them into cucumber or boondi raita to add a crunchy, garlicky twist to this cooling side dish.
Soup Garnish: Sprinkle them on top of soups like tomato or vegetables for added crunch and flavor contrast.
Dip Scoops: Use them as a scoop for dips like hummus or guacamole instead of traditional chips.