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Millet Crispies - Sweet

Millet Crispies - Sweet

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India’s first zero-oil pan-roasted Classic Sweet Crispies are a healthier alternative to deep-fried chips and snacks. These delightful treats are meticulously crafted using traditional methods and freshly grown ingredients in rural India. Infused with the rich flavors and comprehensive health benefits of bajra, nuts, and seeds, they provide a wholesome, guilt-free snacking experience, free from artificial sweeteners or preservatives.

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Our Classic Sweet Crispies are composed of bajra flour, chiroti rava, and a nourishing blend of groundnuts, sesame seeds, and dry coconut, all naturally grown and locally sourced. The additional flavors from onion, green chillies, garlic, ginger, salt, red chilli flakes, coriander, and jeera are balanced beautifully by the rich, caramel-like sweetness of palm jaggery.


Hand-Processed & Pan-Roasted: Combines traditional artisanal methods with a technique that enhances flavor while retaining nutrients.
Naturally Sweetened with Palm Jaggery: Offers a healthier sweetness, rich in minerals.
No Oil or Preservatives: Ensures a cleaner, more natural snack.
Rich in Nutrients: Bajra and nuts provide fiber, vitamins, and protein.
Aromatic Spices & Herbs: Adds not only flavor but also potential digestive and anti-inflammatory benefits.


Creative Recipe Ideas

1. With Nut Butter: Spread a layer of almond or peanut butter on the crispies for a creamy and crunchy treat.
2. Dessert Topping: Crumble the crispies over ice cream or yogurt for added texture and a sweet, savory flavor.
3. With Fruit Compote: Serve the crispies alongside a warm berry or apple compote for a delightful contrast.
4. Tea Time Treat: Pair with a cup of herbal or black tea for a relaxing and indulgent snack time.
5. Cheese Plate Accent: Add the crispies to a cheese platter for a sweet crunch that complements soft cheeses beautifully.